If you are looking for best dating software in the market then kindly check our Woodate website. Woodate is very Suitable for the users and you can easily establish your own dating site.

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back end

back end

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Why Woodate?

Our Script is completely Un-Encrypted, very easy to use & loaded with top notch features.

Responsive Design

Increase your reach to tablet and mobile audiences, It also Increase sales/conversions


Our script is continuously evolving & we have released many versions over the years

Easy Customization

Woodate Script is 100% Customizable. You completely change the look & feel of website.

Clean Code

Our well experienced Coders developed Woodate script like an Art.

Powerful Performance

The speed and performance of the website will be extremely powerful.

Easy to Use

Our Woodate Script will be user friendly and very easy to use.


Profile Comment Wall

Profile owner can allow other users to comment on their wall publicly. If the profile owner wants to restrict people from commenting on their wall they can simply turn off the commenting option


If a user is facing serious disturbances from other users or if he/she want to block a user he/she can simply add the user in their blacklist so that it will block the user completely.

Responsive Design

If you want to give an optimal viewing experience to wide range of users on all devices like mobile phones, tablets and laptops then you need a responsive website. Woodate is fully responsive

Content Moderation

Content Moderation made easy in Woodate as some people might use abusive content or sensitive words or lines with contentious meaning which needs to be moderated instantly.

Membership Level Management

To Manage a big dating site you need to assign moderators to manage the group of people. Woodate has the option of creating & managing Moderators. You can also create sub admin accounts

Credit System

If a user likes someone and if he/she wants to start a conversation with that person, then they may need to pay to get some credits and we have developed advanced credit system in Woodate

Limited Features Management

Admin can create sub-admin to moderate the website. Admin can also assign the limitations to the sub-admin account to make sure that the admin holds the complete control over website.

User Approval

To avoid content spam or multiple user account creation spam user approval is needed. So Woodate allows users to access the website only if they are approved by the admins/sub-admins.

Privacy Options

Woodate has the option that allow users to show profile picture only to Registered users. Also if a user wants to hide his/her profile from a particular person they can hide from that particular user

Email Verification

Woodate script allow users to do email verification before they access the account or before they send messages, initiate conversations etc,. This will prevent users from using fake email id’s.

Duplicate Registration Prevention

Users may try to create duplicate accounts from same system or same ip’s; Woodate’s advanced Duplicate registration prevention system will prevent users from creating multiple accounts

SEO Friendly URLs

Good URL structures will be easy to read and understand and have high click through rate. SEO Friendly URL structures will also help the site to rank better in the search results.

Advanced Features

Smileys in Chat

There is a batch of incredibly amazing section of smileys available in chats.

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Newsletter Subscription

Mail subscription option is enabled so that users can send frequent newsletters to users

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Multiple Photo Upload

Upload multiple photos at the same time instantly and save your time using multiupload.

Coupon Code Management

Woodate has inbuilt Coupon code Management system. Create & Manage Coupons easily.

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Events Calendar

You can add your own events to the calendar and make the most from advanced calendar.

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Send Flirts

Users can select the list of animated flirts available and send flirts to their matches

Additional Features

Custom Meta Tags

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Meta Tags represent the page’s content and it is a very important SEO Module

Block IPs

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If you want to block a particular set of IP then it can be done easily with this module.

Mass Mailing

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Reach out to hundreds of users instantly by sending mass emails in a single click of a button

Image Watermark

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To prevent other sites from unauthorised use of images we have added watermark option


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Authorise.Net payment gateway is enabled to accept payments via e-cheque and cc


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Many users prefer 2checkout as they are not authorised to use paypal in their countries

Votes & Likes

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Users can vote on questions asked by other users and also they can like others photos.

Feedback Form

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Enable this option in Woodate and improvise website and app by getting feedback from users

Adding Friends

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Adding friends is made easy as you have the option to invite friends via social media.

Free Modules

Setting Inbox Limits

You can control user’s inbox space by limiting it to certain count or by limiting it to certain space in MB or GB

Time Zone & Formatting

Every user will have different time zone. So we made it easy for the users to set their own time zones.

Flag User/Report User

Users can report another user If they are using abusive content in chat or doing abusing things in video chats

Music Uploading

If you want to upload music or if you want to share the audio created by you; you can share it in Woodate

Create Blogs

Users can create their own blogs easily and they can post regularly to make their profile a reputed one

Upcoming Birthdays

List of upcoming birthdays will be displayed in order so that users can wish one another on their birthdays

Free Audio Chats

Apart from video chats Audio chats are also available as some people might not be interested in Video chats

New Profile Alerts

If a user keep this profile alert option checked then they will get a notification when a new profile is created.

Free Add-ons Worth $650

Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect

Users can login and connect to the account easily using this Facebook connect module



Users can create groups and invite other people to join for a discussion/chat

Site Security

Site Security

Our Script is highly robust and secure. Blacklisting IPs will prevent from hacking

Profiles Matching

Matching Profiles

Our Dating Software will automatically detect matching profiles and display for users

Recent Visitors/Who Viewed

Recent Visitors/Who Viewed

Users can check their recently viewed users/who viewed profile using this module

Virtual Gift

Virtual Gift

Users can choose and send virtual gifts to other users by paying some amount



To increase interaction admin can create forum and post topics and threads using forums

Profile Visibility

Profile Visibility

To check the reach of their profile, Users can check their profile visibility easily

Online Indicator

Online Indicator

This online indicator module will show the list of users available online/offline

Google Map

Google Maps

Woodate comes with Integrated Google maps module, where users other users location

Photo Crop and Rotate Tool

Photo Crop and Rotate Tool

Woodate Script is integrated with Photo crop and rotation tool to edit profile images

VIP Access

VIP Access

VIP Login To differentiate normal user and paid user we have created this module


The Woodate Script is 100% Customizable. Please mail us at info@waveinfotech.biz for Customization cost. For Woodate Whitelabel Unlimited Edition, send us an email to info@waveinfotech.biz

Legal Information

Please note that the use of the phrase Woodate is for marketing purposes only as this is how the web development industry refers to building a website similar to another site.